- High School Preseason, Pt. 4: Are You Ready?

March 12, 2015
We finish this four part series with speed, agility & quickness (S/A/Q) drills - High School Preseason, Pt. 3: Are You Ready?

March 4, 2015

Summit Lacrosse Ventures Announces Addition of Lake Placid Youth Classic

March 2, 2015
Summit Lacrosse Ventures LLC (formerly Lake Placid Lacrosse) announced today that it will expand upon its Lake Placid Summit Classic
William & Mary Tribe NCAA logos

Tribe Lax Heads to Navy on Saturday at Noon

February 27, 2015
The William and Mary lacrosse team will play its second of five consecutive road games when it squares off against Navy on Saturday
Penn State Nittany Lions NCAA logos

No. 9 Nittany Lions Hosts No. 8 Virginia on Saturday

February 27, 2015
A top 10 matchup is in store for Saturday at Holuba Hall as Penn State looks to improve to 4-0 for the first time since 2009
UMBC Retrievers NCAA logos

UMBC Women’s Lacrosse Looks to Continue Momentum at High Point on Saturday

February 27, 2015
UMBC women’s lacrosse looks to continue its recent momentum on Saturday, Feb. 28 when the Retrievers head to High Point

Tewaaraton Award, Presented by Under Armour, Announces Men’s and Women’s Watch Lists

February 27, 2015
The Tewaaraton Foundation has announced the 2015 Tewaaraton Award men’s and women’s watch lists

IL - High School Preseason, Pt. 2: Are You Ready?

February 26, 2015
“Are You Ready?”High School Preseason Lacrosse FitnessFROM PRESS RELEASES: We have come a long way from having to explain that if you — female athletes — lift weights you are not going to get huge. You will get stronger, which in turn will make you more powerful and a better lacrosse player and isn’t that the ultimate goal?No one is going to ask you on the draw circle how much you bench or how much you can squat, but they will notice if you have strong wrists and powerful forearms as you gather in the draw for your team. By developing your strength you will be able take root in your position. When you are working out just keep in mind…“The best athletes never started as the best athletes.” –UnknownAs a lacrosse player, you want to build your strength around what is needed on the field to make you a better player — multiple-muscle exercises versus isolated exercises because that is how you perform on the field. It is in the off season when you want to increase your strength by gradually increasing your weights, and during the season your goal should be to maintain your strength. As you get ready for season, you should see an increase in weights from when you began and greater stamina/endurance. You can increase your strength by not only using barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, and machines, but also by just utilizing your body weight. Pushups, pull-ups, chin-ups, split squat jumps — the list is endless. There are no excuses!Just remember… “Talent is never enough. With few exceptions the best players are the hardest workers.”  – Magic Johnson“Are You Ready?” Part II. STRENGTH(Click on below headings for instructional videos.)Single-Leg Rolling Pistol SquatThis exercise is tremendous for building leg strength, as well as increasing athletic balance. You will inhale as you roll backwards and exhale as drive up on a single leg, starting on your non-dominate leg. To increase the difficulty, you can reduce the momentum by reducing the rolling motion or by utilizing weights.Bulgarian Split Squat with DB Curl & PressThe above exercise is a perfect example of a multiple-muscle exercise. Not only are you developing hamstring and glute strength, you are concentrating on arm and shoulder strength, coupled with athletic balance and core work. Cues are to exhale when standing from the split squat while doing a dumbbell bicep curl, into a shoulder press. Make sure the knee of the support leg does not go in front of your toes. Keep your chest expanded and eyes looking forward — not down! As usual, start with your non-dominant leg. Concentrating on ‘power up and control down’ with the weights.Kettle Bell Pike PressWrist and forearm strength are keys to lacrosse. All the elements that involve you using a stick will benefit from you developing strength in the above two areas. Kettle bell “pike presses” will help you gain that strength. Exhale and tighten the core on each press, and inhale when bringing the kettle bell back down to your shoulder. You should use a two count when lifting (concentric) and a four count when bringing it down (eccentric).Medicine Ball Toss & CatchYou can use a partner in this exercise, or just throw it up and catch it (aiming away from the face and more towards the chest). Make sure that your triceps touch each time when tossing the medicine ball and exhale on the toss. You can use anywhere from a 15 to 25 pound medicine ball for 25 repetitions. This is a great exercise to superset with barbell or dumbbell chest presses.Tire Slams The tire should be sectioned into four sections — like the 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock locations on a clock. As you defensive shuffle around the tire you will use the sledge hammer to slam the tire, starting with your non-dominant hand and repeat four times clockwise (hitting each section) and then counter clockwise for four times in each section with your dominant side. You can use up to four people in this drill and concentrate on everyone moving together and communicating. Swing the hip into the slam as you would a shot and use your whole body by utilizing your legs, back and shoulders, into each slam. Girls’ lacrosse players featured in these videos are members of the Bethlehem “Eagles” and Guilderland “Lady Dutch” girls’ lacrosse teams hailing from Section II in Upstate New York; both have built their dynasties on hard work.They start their team workouts three times per week in November each year, and continue workouts during the season on a frequent basis.
William & Mary Tribe NCAA logos
Penn State Nittany Lions NCAA logosUMBC Retrievers NCAA logos
Date Home Away
05/24 UMD 9 UNC 8
05/22 UMD 10 Cuse 8
05/22 UNC 16 Duke 7
05/10 PSU 13 UVA 11
05/10 Duke 17 USC 9
05/10 NU 16 ND 11
05/10 Cuse 13 Penn 10
05/10 UNC 11 Florida 6